Hello, I am Pasquale Marcello Falcone and this is my personal webpage.

I am a Researcher and Aggregate Professor (Economics of Innovation) at Unitelma Sapienza – University of Rome.

I received my PhD in Economics (2014) at University of Foggia (ITALY) and a MSc in Economics at University of Leicester (UK). My research interests span from Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development to sustainability transition theory. Recently, I’m exploring which social aspects are worth considering, together with the key phases of design, production, marketing and consumption of bio-based products from the perspective of circular bio-economy.

“La scelta di un giovane dipende dalla sua inclinazione, ma anche dalla fortuna di incontrare un grande Maestro.” [Rita-Levi Montalcini]


Falcone, P.M., Morone, P., Sica, E. (2018). Greening of the financial system and fuelling a sustainability transition: A discursive approach to assess landscape pressures on the Italian financial system, Technological Forecasting and Social ChangeDownload here

Falcone, P.M., Lopolito A., Sica, E. (2018). The networking dynamics of the Italian biofuel industry in time of crisis: Finding an effective instrument mix for fostering a sustainable energy transition, Energy PolicyDownload here

Falcone, P.M., Imbert, E. (2018). Social Life Cycle Approach as a Tool for Promoting the Market Uptake of Bio-Based Products from a Consumer Perspective, SustainabilityDownload here