Hello, I am Pasquale Marcello Falcone and this is my personal webpage.

I am a Lecturer of Economic Policy at the Department of Business and Economics – University of Naples “Parthenope” (Italy).

I received my PhD in Economics (2014) at University of Foggia (Italy) and a MSc in Economics (2013) at University of Leicester (UK). My research interests span from Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development to Sustainability Transition Theory. Recently, I’m exploring the mechanisms through which transitions towards a bio-based economy can be intertwined with socio-economic and policy aspects from the perspective of circular bio-economy.

“La scelta di un giovane dipende dalla sua inclinazione, ma anche dalla fortuna di incontrare un grande Maestro.” [Rita-Levi Montalcini]


RES-T trajectories and an integrated SWOT-AHP analysis for biomethane. Policy implications to support a green revolution in European transport – (with I. D’Adamo, M. Gastaldi, P. Morone) – Energy Policy, 111220, 2020

When all seemed lost. A social network analysis of the waste-related environmental movement in Campania, Italy – (with G. D’Alisa, A. Germani, P. Morone) – Political Geography, Vol. 77, 102114, 2020.

Instrument mix for energy transition: a method for policy formulation – (with A. Lopolito and E. Sica) – Technological Forecasting & Social Change, Vol. 148, 119706, 2019.

Transitioning towards bioeconomy: assessing the social dimension through the lenses of the stakeholders – (with S. González García, E. Imbert, L. Lijó, M.T. Moreira, A. Tani, V.E. Tartiu, P. Morone) – Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, Vol. 26: 1135 1153, 2019.